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Whether you are an experienced specklebelly goose hunter or new to the game, our small batch, custom calls are setting the standard for putting more geese in your decoys. The Birch No. 2 is tailored to your skill level and calling style giving you a truly one of a kind goose call.


Birch No. 2 Speck Calls have been field tested in the famed Grand Prairie region of Arkansas. The calls are handcrafted in my studio in Little Rock.

Birch Small Batch Speck Calls

Birch Craftsman Calls


Each call is made to order combining user specifications for color and functionality. Crafted by hand, one at a time. So while no two are exactly alike on the outside, rest assured each produces consistent sounds in the hands of a skilled operator.


Starting with high performance acrylic partnered with locally sourced machined parts, together we will individualize a call that will be unique to you in look and feel.

Birch Speck Calls


The Birch No. 2 Speck Call is based on over a decade of studying, hunting and obsessing on white fronts. As their population exploded in Arkansas, I began a fascination with these birds that has now added up to my attempt at producing the most field ready, easy to run speck call available.Each call is hand-turned on a lathe using high-end acrylics that not only produce a unique look and feel but also versatile, premium sound. From yodels to clucks to murmurs...these calls will perform.The small batch call building process allows each call to be customized for the individual hunter versus buying a call off the shelf made for the masses. You and I will partner to handcraft the perfect speck call with my steadfast commitment to precision and perfection.My end goal is for each call leaving my shop to be exceptional afield. Simple as that.


After completing the order form and putting down a deposit, we will generally begin by first discussing, and then determining the calls specific overall color theme. The goal is to make sure the shade and style of color you want is what you get as there are variances.Our next step will get into the actual components of the call which take into account how it looks but also how it will function for you as a user.Then we can talk through add-ons such as inlays, inscriptions, engravings, etc.Every piece of production will be quoted and approved by you before production so there are no surprises.In the end, you will have played an active role in the creation of a top flight specklebelly goose call.Turnaround time is typically 2-4 weeks pending materials availability.If the call doesn’t meet my standards, it won't go out the door. If it doesn’t meet yours, I’ll make it right. Guaranteed.


Each specklebelly goose call is hand turned and tuned in Little Rock, Arkansas and is built to your exact specifications. Pick the call's color scheme and components then put down a deposit to begin the call building process. Anything you aren't sure about, just add comments into the form and we can work through the details prior to production. Typical turnaround time to your door is 2-4 weeks pending material availability. Rush services are available.PRICINGA typical call runs between $130-$150 depending on components and each customer will be notified of cost prior to production.IN STOCK CALLSIf you are in need of a call sooner than later, please check out our in stock calls.


Brent Birch Specklebelly Calls

Birch is a lifelong waterfowler that cut his teeth duck hunting in the White River Bottoms at Crocketts Bluff as well as rice fields and reservoirs across Lonoke, Prairie and Arkansas counties. Birch the author/publisher of The Grand Prairie: A History of Duck Hunting's Hallowed Ground and is co-creator and editor of Greenhead: The Arkansas Duck Hunting Magazine . He is also the founder of the Arkansas Waterfowler Hall of Fame located in Stuttgart, Arkansas. He is also a contributing editor to TomBeckbe.comAs an avid outdoorsman and staunch proponent of getting youth active in the outdoors, he serves on the board of the Arkansas Game & Fish Foundation as well as a supporter of Ducks Unlimited and Delta Waterfowl.


The #2 calls are a 2.75" barrel with a 1.75" insert that operates with a more traditional calling style. Looking for a shorter, quicker responding call...can do. Just contact me and we can work out the details.You will notice slight variances in each call because these are hand-turned on a lathe. The different size and shape bands also slightly alter the design. These variances are cosmetic and do not change the sound.